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She said YES!! Best wedding proposal! Fatima + Vlad

So what happens when you propose in the middle of a busy mall? Well, all the unexpected happens. Vlad gave us a call a couple hours prior to the proposal asking if we would be available to film. Sure we said, not knowing exactly what to expect. So we grabbed all of our gear and headed out to the mall. So far everything was going by plan, Vlad took his girlfriend out for a shopping trip, flash mob was all in place, we took out our cameras and began setting up that is until the cops showed up literally 5 minutes before the show. Basically they told us that we weren’t allowed to film. But after talking with them and trying to explain the whole situation they finally agreed and right then the flash mob starts dancing with Vlad and Fatima approaching.. Please watch the video then continue reading below.

So luckily we were able to pull all of this off. Big thanks goes to Double Up Dance Group for their participation and all the people that helped make this happen.

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