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We are your professional boston wedding videographers / cinematographers we love filming special memories and events.
We are your Boston Wedding Videographer & Destination Wedding Filmmakers.
Expression Cinema films weddings that tell a story. Films are personally crafted to fit each couples personality.


Choose a Boston Wedding Videographer A wedding is the beginning of the next phase in your life. Right from choosing the decorations, the flowers, and the wedding menu to the bridal wear takes months of planning and coordination. Capturing those precious moments of the most special day of your life is important. Therefore, it pays to choose a Boston wedding videographer after thorough consideration. Finding a wedding videographer Choosing a Boston wedding videographer is almost as important as selecting a wedding gown. A videographer captures the emotions, the mood of the event and moments of the wedding that you may have missed. So, selecting an experienced and professional Boston wedding cinematographer is fundamental. A lot of couples delay in selecting a Boston wedding videographer by pushing it to the very end or hand over the responsibility to someone else. This only increases the risk of a bad work ruining your chances of capturing all treasure-worthy moments. Referrals and testimonials So you can start by asking your friends and relatives if they know of a good videographer. Many a times, a newly married couple can help you identify an excellent Boston wedding videographer. You can shortlist videographers by reading their reviews as well as going through the wedding videos posted online. This way you get a glimpse of the style and presentation of the wedding videos and choose your preferences. You will get an idea of how experienced a wedding videographer is if you call and discuss your wedding requirements with him. Getting the right price If you want a good wedding video, then you may have to loosen up your purse strings. Check out prices offered with two to three wedding videographers. Bargain for a package offers you additional services like extra photo sessions and testimonials. If the Boston wedding cinematographer is experienced and renowned, then you are assured of a good job. If you opt for an inexperienced videographer, you wedding moments may end up remaining just memories. One on one meeting If you want an aesthetic wedding video, then you have to meet the Boston wedding videographer face to face. When you approach a videographer, you should be able to paint the picture of the wedding with words so that your communication is clear. If you connect with the Boston wedding videographer on style and creativity, you have found the man for the job. Meet the Boston wedding cinematographer at different intervals to apprise him of any change keeping the planning in mind. You need to give the Boston wedding videographer clear instructions on the timings and itinerary of the important ceremonies that need coverage. Style of videography While choosing the format of the wedding video, you can opt for the usual style where all the events leading up to the wedding are chronologically presented. You can also go for the documentary style that has the testimonials of all your loved ones adding to the creativity of the wedding video. Many couples also go for a wedding film, where the wedding is artistically shot presenting the wedding like a story. Presentation Presentation is the key to unlocking those special memories when you watch your Boston wedding video. You can take part in editing of the raw footage and post production. It will also help you weed out unwanted parts and select your favourite moments. Quality equipment For many, the kind of video equipment used is of no interest as long as the wedding video looks good. You should check to see if the camera equipment offers a lot more features to record moods of the moment perfectly. Most wedding videographers use two cameras that record the wedding from different angles. If you want more coverage, you can ask the videographer to use another camera. Although a tad heavy on your budget, it will give you better angles and more shots of the wedding to choose from during editing. Asking for help You can also assign someone to coordinate with the Boston wedding videographer on the wedding day for any assistance needed. This way, the videographer can ask for any assistance to make the shots look as natural as possible. And you have someone who keeps an eye on the videographer to ensure that your requirements are met.